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Latest News: February 2016 



How about a good old scary story?

You’ve got it with Red Wedding, the second Final Girls Book! This is the sequel to Terror Island, but now Katsu Espinoza is facing a different nightmare in this slasher thriller mystery novel:

She was the girl from Terror Island…

A survivor of a massacre who’d come home, only to be stalked by blogs and a reputation she couldn’t shake. But Katsu Espinoza just wanted to be normal again, to help other survivors and somehow forget the murderous past.
Then the phone calls started.
She didn’t let those stop her from going to her best friend’s wedding, though, even if the festivities are being held in a dark, eerie mansion that she is just now discovering has a violent past…and many horrific secrets. So when one supposedly dead body appears and no one else is around to witness it, does this mean that Kat is finally going insane from the island? Or has her own chilling history followed her here for a wedding that looks like it’s about to get very bloody…

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I’ll be sharing a mini-interview with Katsu below, but first, here’s that giveaway… Since Red Wedding takes place in a creepy old house, I found it only fitting that there should be a giveaway that reflects the atmosphere, so one reader will win a cool gothic necklace via Rafflecopter!

Visit Rafflecopter to enter, or you can go to my blog to enter there!

Just for fun, here’s a mini-interview with Kat, the heroine of Terror Island and Red Wedding

**Katsu is hurrying from the store to her car because she’s spotted one of the paparazzi/press who has been hanging around her house near the San Diego shoreline**
Blogger: Hi! I’m from the TellTaleCrime blog. Looks I finally caught up with you.
Kat: Yeah, great.
Blogger: As the Girl from Terror Island, you survived a serial killer and a shipwreck, but ever since you returned to San Diego, you’ve been avoiding the press.
Kat: Looks like I didn’t do a good enough job of it.
Blogger: A sense of humor. Great! Just a couple questions?
Kat: **tense silence as Katsu tries to open her car door with cloth bags in both hands**
Blogger: Do you have nightmares? Flashbacks? Post-traumatic instances regarding the murders?
Kat: No. I survived the island—I can survive anything.
Blogger: Judging from other blogs and forums, you’ve got some fans out there.
Kat: I don’t need fans. **opens door** Listen, all I did was what anyone would’ve done. I hid. I ran. I watched others get butchered, and if I can ever help it, I want to leave it all behind. Why won’t you help me do that?
Blogger: **silence**
Kat: Why? And why don’t you ask me questions like what’s my favorite TV program right now? Or my favorite band or food? Are answers like Little House on the Prairie—because it’s so innocent and positive—or the Dandy Warhols or rolled fish tacos too boring for you? If you asked how I spend my days and I answered that I help other survivors at a nonprofit, would that put you to sleep? Would it? Or do you need more blood and horror from me?
Blogger: I’m…
Kat: You’re sorry. **gets in car** Don’t be sorry for what everyone wants.
**she drives off, leaving the blogger with even more questions than before**

I hope you have a scary slasher time with Red Wedding! A third Final Girls Book will be coming at you later this year, but in the meantime…

Happy Hunting!


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