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Latest News: June 2015 


Happy summer, you all! Are the kids out of school? Are you off on vacation somewhere with a special someone or even as a happy singleton? I hope whatever you’re doing, you’ve got time for a book or two!

The last time a newsletter went out, you saw a cover reveal for TERROR ISLAND.
Now it’s waiting for you to scoop it up and make it a summertime read!

All Katsu Espinoza wanted from this shark-cage diving trip was some adventure—she never expected to be named an heir to a huge fortune! But when a storm hits, stranding her and her party on a deserted island that’s hardly a paradise, survival becomes a deadly game as a killer lures in and picks off victims, one by horrifying one. Now it's up to Kat to stop the gruesome murders...and to prevent her own…

Print from Createspace
Mysterious Galaxy

As I mentioned before, this book is a reprint that used to be under my Crystal Green name, and it was called BAITED. But since Chris Marie Green is the thriller writer these days, I rebranded the novel under this name (even though there are no paranormal elements in it.) But it’s still a rollercoaster white-knuckler with major romantic elements! Here’s what Harriet Klausner on Amazon had to say about the first edition:

“Taking AND THEN THERE WERE NONE and placing it in a different milieu makes for a strong romantic suspense thriller that will have the audience along with the lead couple speculating just who the killer is. The action starts from the shipwreck and never lets up until the final confrontation. [Green] keeps the action and reader guessing throughout this strong fun tale.” Five stars.

Just a little TERROR ISLAND trivia… A while ago, I had the opportunity to go to Japan, and I really wanted to create a bombshell character for the new story I was plotting. I wanted her to be a pearl diver at a sea park in San Diego, so what better place to research that than a location that still has ama (pearl diver) exhibitions? That’s right—I went to Mikimoto’s Pearl Island and made good use of all that research! Back home, I also looked into shark-cage diving and survival techniques, because TERROR ISLAND covers those, too. But if you think this was all research…uh-uh. There’s also the small matter of the killer who’s running around—and the cat-and-mouse game the heroine plays with the hero, who may or may not be guilty…

To read an excerpt and get more TERROR ISLAND information, you can go to!

Now, for you hot romance lovers out there, I want to announce that the prequel “Crystal Green” wrote for the sexy bad boy Rough and Tumble series is available for pre-order!

Everyone at the Rough & Tumble Saloon has a secret…
When Reece Marlow, the ex water polo Olympian athlete, hit Las Vegas, he hit it hard—gambling, carousing, and making it a point to have sex at every Sin City landmark. Some might say he’s trying to play away the emptiness he feels from leaving his superstar career behind, but Reece is fending off even bigger secrets—ones that could potentially ruin his high-flying, endorsement-filled life.

When he meets Talia McCarter at the Rough & Tumble, he doesn’t know that she’s fighting her own inner demons, but these two are bound to light the desert nights on fire with their hot romance—and maybe find love in the flames…


At the moment, pre-orders are available only on Kindle and iBooks, but on the official release date of July 20, WET AND WILD will also be on Nook and Kobo. You can read an excerpt now on the Crystal Green site, though. It’s meant to build up steam, so don’t say I didn’t warn you…

WET AND WILD trivia: I wanted to write a prequel (a full-length novel) to the Rough and Tumble series in the hopes that more people could discover it at a lower price than the longer-length core books are selling for (ROUGH AND TUMBLE, DOWN AND DIRTY, and HOT AND BOTHERED). Also, I was itching to introduce you to Reece Marlow, water polo bad boy, and Talia McCarter, a Rough & Tumble Saloon regular. I hope you meet them soon!

By the way, I’m still welcoming readers to my street team—The Green Team! What have they done lately? Well, they got first look at the WET AND WILD cover, a chance to receive the TERROR ISLAND advance reading copy to review, and are presently giving me feedback about a new idea that’s taking over my brain. You could do all that, too! If you’re interested in joining for either Chris Marie Green or Crystal Green, we’re all one happy group—just go here! I’d also love to see you on Twitter @ChrisMarieGreen and @CrystalGreenMe and my regular Chris Marie Green Facebook page as well as the one for Crystal Green.


Didn’t I say that there was a giveaway going on? There was so much book news that we’re just now getting to it! Click this link to go to my blog, where you can enter to win an Audible audiobook, NIGHT RISING, Vampire Babylon, Book One. Since I’m celebrating the release of TERROR ISLAND, it seemed fitting that I should offer a lucky winner one of my first thrillers! During the last giveaway, Ellen Hardin won an Audible copy of THE SHE CODE, and I wish good fortune to you on this one!

Here’s your current and upcoming book list…

  • TERROR ISLAND, a stand alone mystery thriller adventure in digital and print, out now, written as Chris Marie Green
  • WET AND WILD, a Rough and Tumble Prequel Romance, July 20, pre-order on Kindle and iBooks now, written as Crystal Green
  • NAUGHTY AND NICE, a Rough and Tumble Holiday Novella to be included in a steamy box set in October, written as Crystal Green

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got lots of reading to do. Stay cool out there but have fun in the sun!


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